The hours drag on in the factory, Sam’s lonelier than usual because his friend was moved to another district, he turned thirty-one and has been transferred to the technology factory. Sam’s worked in lumber and textiles, but still has three years before he moves on from weaponry. Although, Sam’s thankful for his slow progression because of the reward waiting for him. He took his cyber-test fourteen years ago and based on his intelligence and experience, the cybernetic super computer determined his path to be path B. He’ll follow the standard job progression through the factories until he’s fifty, at which time he enters military intelligence and learns minor computing skills. Only paths A through C will every come close to understanding the cybernetics that runs their society. Sam will be one of the few to uphold this society in which every man and woman is employed and has what they need to survive, a country without need and without aristocracy. Cybernetics is the reason the Soviet Union is the most prosperous nation and why other countries feel threatened. These weapons factories, with the best workers, are necessary to protect the Soviet Union and the impeccable cybernetic system.

Before Glushkov and cybernetics, the super computer was susceptible to human error and human greed. Before, there was unemployment and poverty. Before, there was overproduction coupled with inflation. Now, only when a provision is needed, a need determined by the super computer, is it provided. Everyone is employed, everyone receives equal provisions for their work, and everyone is equally protected from outside threats through cybernetics. Sam occasionally see’s leaflets on the ground or graffiti on the buildings before path F workers have cleaned them up, arguing for opportunity outside of the cyber-test and claims of a world with excess provisions. But the morning update doesn’t comment and the district provisions are always fulfilled and Sam is always safe.