Welcome to Cyber Nation!

Cyber Nation is the advanced system of the Soviet Union. Welcome to our security headquarters, today we will be observing the system in action in a simulation with citizen B#942. Today is October 1, 2070, day 36500 with cybernetics.

access camera B#942...engage S. Rittford simulation

Sam Rittford is pulled out of his deep sleep by the sounds of the Soviet Union national anthem growing louder from his computer monitor at his desk. He groggily climbs out of bed and sits down in the wooden chair and presses his finger to the monitor, allowing the computer to scan his fingerprint and confirm he’s checked in to the 7:00 news update.

It’s as if he remains in his sleeping state as the same update is recited each morning. Sam pours coffee to the sound of the state of the nation, “Today is Wednesday, October 1st, 2070. The weather is cloudy with a high of 4 degrees Celsius and a low of negative one degrees Celsius. All factories and schools are in session today, provisions distribution will occur at district community centers at 6:00pm.” Sam returns to the desk with his coffee, expecting the update to be finished, yet the computer continues with a special alert, “today marks the one hundredth anniversary of the adoption of Cybernetics in our great nation, thanks to Viktor Glushkov’s proposal one hundred years ago, the Soviet Union remains the most prosperous and just nation.” The screen goes black and Sam returns to his coffee.